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Wingsurfing private lessons

Always wanted to learn how to wingsurf? Then this is your chance! At Sky High, the best surf school in Friesland, you will learn to wingsurf. Come alone, as a couple or with a group and we will make sure you have a great day. You will learn to surf on the IJsselmeer in Friesland. This is the surf spot to learn windsurfing, wingsurfing and kitesurfing.

With wingsurfing there are two basic parts, the wing and the board. As a board you can basically use a SUP or a windsurfboard, but it becomes even more fun with a foil board. This has a hydrofoil that provides lift out of the water. You can only start using this board when you have enough experience, in which case you book a wingfoil lesson.

How many lessons do I need?

We recommend to book at least 3 or 4 lessons for a good basis in waving. Here you will learn the basic techniques and the first steps towards sailing!

The best choice!

When to choose the private lesson?

If you have never had a wingsurfing lesson before

If you prefer to learn 1 on 1 rather than in a group

Want to give Wingsurfing a try

As an intensive learning moment

When is it better to choose another lesson?

If you are sure you want to do a course

If you prefer to learn together

If you are with several participants




When you book a class at Sky High, you do it through our online booking system! From scheduling to changing your lesson afterwards, it's all possible using our unique way of booking. You get all the information you need, and can change your planned lesson up to a week in advance, just online!

When you have booked, we expect you on time at the beach of Workum or at one of the other locations where we teach. Arriving a quarter of an hour earlier than your planned lesson time is recommended, so that we can take the time to arrange everything properly before your lesson starts. This means that we help you to put on your equipment and discuss what you want to learn in the lesson.

We teach with a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of wingsurfing. All our instructors are trained and/or have the right experience, which contributes to learning to windsurf in a fast, safe and fun way. Do you want to know more about this?

Step-by-step plan!
Of course we teach you besides windsurfing also all kinds of peripheral things. This means that together we change clothes, collect materials, check and build up. All this to give you the best possible idea of what is involved in this exciting sport. Whatever form the lesson takes, there will always be plenty of time for equipment knowledge and for ensuring safety at all times.

On the water

Workum is a popular surfing spot, so there is often a lot of activity on the water. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to interact with other water sports enthusiasts from day one. Depending on the type of lesson, you will be alone with an instructor, or together with other students in the lesson. We give lessons 7 days a week, so you can always be on the water when it's windy.


After the instruction on the water, we conclude the lesson appropriately on the beach. While enjoying a drink, we evaluate the lesson and discuss the experiences. There is time for questions, advice or discussing a next lesson. The instructors are also there to help you with questions about purchasing your own equipment, and the options you have in this respect.

Do you have a question about your booking? Read the frequently asked questions. Still can't work it out? Call us or send us an e-mail


  • Children of 12 years and older may not take private lessons due to safety concerns,
  • 60+, we notice that the 60+ age group often likes a bit more personal time. Don't worry, you can learn to kitesurf even if you are well over 60! It is a light and safe sport if you take good lessons. It just takes a bit longer to learn but we are patient and experienced in teaching the elderly. And we also have older instructors!
  • Restriction? No problem, just send us an email and let us know what your physical or mental limitations are and we will create a tailor-made lesson!
  • If the budget allows it, we always advise to go for the private lessons, here the growth curve is always the fastest!
  • Are you trying to learn something very specific or are you constantly running into a particular problem? Then take a private lesson, and the instructor will have all the time and attention to guide you and prepare the whole lesson so that you beat all your obstacles.

If the above does not apply to you, we recommend the duo lesson, together with one instructor on the water!

Duo kite lesson or private for two is the same, if you are with two or more but you want most of the time your own kite and be active! You will probably not get your own kite during the first lesson because you cannot control it well enough, so you will share a kite with the two of you. But the next lessons you will be busy with your own kite. Because you do share the instructor you will be a lot cheaper than private lessons.

If you are an average sporty person without extreme limitations, this is easily the best choice for you. Are you alone? Don't worry, you can still sign up for a private for two lesson and we will try to arrange a second person. If not, you can choose to take private lessons or to join a group with the corresponding price.

We recommend this 100% for your first lesson. During the first lesson you always get more explanation and build-up than in the follow-up lessons, where you will practice more. You have to know how to build a kite and the safety steps. And the most important, of course, how the kite works. You learn all this in practice! Whether you do this alone or in a group of four, it doesn't make much difference in terms of time. The instructor still has to explain and demonstrate everything properly. Are you coming with a group of friends or family? Between 3 and 8 people? Book the group lesson to have fun with each other. For the same money you get 2 hours of private lessons for two and 3 hours of group lessons! However, you have to change kites. From lesson 2 you will benefit a lot from your own kite, because from then on it's a lot of practicing and trying!

Windsurfing is easy and quick to learn on the latest materials. You'll soon be on your way in the group or private windsurfing lessons. The instructors guide you from the basics to advanced techniques. The windsurfing lessons are a mix of theory, on the simulator and a lot on the water. Just go with the flow and you'll be addicted to the ride!

Package means that you buy several lessons in advance. This is good for you because you save money! And for us it's nice because then we can already reserve and prepare the desired days. The lessons remain valid for a minimum of 2 years, but are not exchangeable for money. They are, however, transferable! So if you do not want to finish the lessons, you can give them to someone else. 75% of all lessons take place but it can happen that a lesson has to be moved because there is no wind.

Poh, that's very personal! On average, students need 3 lessons for the basics of kitesurfing. Most people can sail a few metres left and right at the end of their third lesson. If you have experience with powerkiting or wakeboarding, it can go faster. Before most students buy a set from us they have had 3 group lessons and taken one or two extra private lessons and can sail 50 metres in both directions.

With a private course you usually get a few steps further than with a group course, because you have much more time at the kite.

Send us an e-mail with your request and include all the information we need. We can then make you a sharp proposal for a fun day out.

It is always possible to change your lessons, if you find out halfway through your lesson package that you would rather have private lessons for 2 then we will change that for free. Otherwise, it is also possible of course!

That depends on the kind of lesson you booked. The first lesson can go on from 7 knots, because this lesson is with a trainer kite that can fly well in very little wind. If you are going to body-drag or waterstart, we can go on the water from 10 knots.

You can check the wind forecast at Windfinder (superforecast!), or Windy. We also use a paid windforecast service and check the wind charts from weatherplaza every day.

As a surf school, we set fairly high standards for supervision and for renting a surf set. This is because we want a safe environment on the water for our students and other surfers, and because we are careful with our equipment. We are careful with our equipment and put safety first. If we find that you do not have sufficient level to be able to surf independently, we reserve the right to cancel the session at any time. Not sure if you have the right level? Then choose a lesson! Renting is at your own risk, when there is damage to the material, repair costs and depreciation of the material will be charged to the renter.

It is not possible to reserve equipment with us, so just come and rent it! We are open every day from 10:00 and close in the early and late season at 17:00. In the high season we close at 19:00 when the weather allows it.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We always try to place students with the same instructor during a course, so that the instructor knows exactly what has already been done and what you are good at or not yet good at. In practice, this does not always work out as instructors have more students and also have days off. Besides that, it is also good to get lessons from a different instructor, who has a fresh view and might give you different tips and instructions!

The wind is our best friend, but sometimes it is not. It is possible that at the time of your booking the wind is not favourable and the lessons cannot take place or be completed. You can then reschedule all or part of your remaining lesson through our booking system. 

Please note that we do not give refunds on offers and paid lessons! If you come from far away or do not have the possibility to reschedule lessons, please choose to pay after your lesson on location.

Through our online booking system you can easily plan and pay for your lessons yourself. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay by credit card.

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